MUDr. Martin Lužbeták, M.Sc.

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OmniThera Panomics Profiler

The OmniThera Panomics Profiler provides information on the immune status of the tumour tissue

The OmniThera® Panomics Profiler is our state-of-the-art contribution to precision oncology diagnostics and the treatment of tumor diseases.

It is a comprehensive all-in-one molecular genetic assay that not only analyzes the activity of all 20.000+ human genes, but also simultaneously detects therapeutically relevant oncogenes, tumor suppressor genes, and more.


  • Complete transcriptome analysis and immunohistochemistry of genes playing a key role in important signaling pathways
  • Informs about the immune status of the tumor tissue including the responsiveness to checkpoint inhibitors, sensitivity to various chemotherapeutic therapies as well as to natural compounds
  • Oncomine Tumor Mutation Load/Burden (TMB) Assay to accurately assess TMB (Mutations/Mb)
  • Oncogene Knowledgebase Report, an up-to-date document of worldwide clinical trials and relevant drugs for the patient’s individual genetic fingerprint

Test sample requirements & Turnaround time

🧫 FFPE* / fresh tumor sample ⏱️ 20 business days
* formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue


In Germany, the lead time for transporting fresh tissue or pleural effusions and ascitic fluid is 48 hours before a planned procedure. For FFPE, we will contact the respective pathological institute to arrange the shipping.

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