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OmniThera Expression Profiler

OmniThera Expression Profiler measures the activity of all human genes (transcriptome). Based on numerous published gene expression signatures, OmniThera Expression Profiler provides the treating oncologist with a wealth of valuable information for personalized therapeutic decisions.

OmniThera Mutation Profiler

By OmniThera Mutation Profiler individual patterns of therapeutically relevant mutations in important cancer-related genes are uncovered. Knowledge of a patient’s individual mutational status is indispensable for a personalized precision oncology treatment approach.

OmniThera Panomics Profiler

OmniThera Panomics Profiler, indispensable for an individualized comprehensive precision oncology treatment, is a unique state-of-the-art assay amalgamating the patient’s transcriptome data (OmniThera Expression Profiler) and therapeutically important mutation data (OmniThera Mutation Profiler) from Gen Mutation Panels.

zirkulierende Tumor DNA

Circulating Tumor DNA

Circulating tumor DNA (cfDNA) represents an accurate reflection of a tumor’s mutation pattern in the blood plasma. It is mostly used for real-time response monitoring to targeted drug treatment and as a surrogate analysis of a tumor’s mutational status in cases where no tumor tissue is accessible.

CTC circulating tumor cells

Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC)

The test serves to determine how the blood is affected by tumor cells. It allows for a molecular-genetic characterization of the tumor disease (real-time liquid biopsy).

Chemo-/Biopharmaceutical Sensitivity

Using isolated, living tumor cells, this test determines the response to cytotoxic and biopharmaceutical treatments.

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