MUDr. Martin Lužbeták, M.Sc.

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Experience shows:

Better diagnostics
leads to better
therapeutic results

Patient-oriented, personalised diagnostics and innovative therapies

Our guiding principles

At NextGen Oncology Group, our purpose is to develop patient-focused, personalized diagnostics & advanced therapies for patients and the doctors who treat them to find new hope through science-based approaches.

We know every patient is unique, every tumor is unique and deploys its own set of complex molecular interactions. There is still an unmet need for personalized diagnostics to inform clinicians on the best treatment options. Companion diagnostics have the extraordinary power to connect a patient’s unique genetic profile to targeted, personalized treatment options. We deliver cancer diagnostics insights that provide doctors with precision treatment strategies that can provide better care to patients.

We believe: 
Better diagnostics lead to better


Personalised diagnostics