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Differential Chemo-/Biopharmaceutical Sensitivity Test (DCBS)

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Isolated cells of prostatic cancer (fluorescence microscopy
Nuclei: blue; tumor-specific proteins green and red)

Due to the highly individual nature of a tumor, physicians can only guess whether a patient will respond to chemotherapy or to biopharmaceutical drugs. We can offer several diagnostics that have proven successful in determining which treatment has a greater chance to make a difference.

The ATP-TCA (tumor chemosensitivity assay), an ex vivo test, is one of them that can determine a possible chemo-/biopharmaceutical sensitivity. In the DCBS, the isolated tumor cells in a cell culture are treated with the same cytotoxics and biopharmaceuticals (alone or in combination with others) that are being considered for the patient’s treatment. The test uses the ATP indicator for living cells to measure to which degree the cancer cells have been destroyed by the drugs.

The treating physician (or the patient, respectively) receives a report with a overview of the potential substances for treatment.


  • Evaluate the potential therapeutic efficacy of Chemo-/Biopharmaceuticals
  • Evaluate the potential therapeutic efficacy of Chemo-/Biopharmaceuticals
  • Test over 40 Chemo-/Biopharmaceuticals and over 20 natural substances

Test sample requirements & Turnaround time

🩸 EDTA-Bllood  🧫 fresh tumour sample ⏱️ 7 business days


Our kit provides everything necessary to collect and send blood samples by DHL express delivery. For fresh tumor samples within Germany, the lead time is 48 hours before a planned procedure. We will contact the medical institute and will take care of the entire logistic process.

3D micro tissue (spheroid) formed by hanging-drop technology

We advise you on choosing the right analysis!

Test requirements

Fresh tissue for the isolation of living cancer cells must be available. Tissue collected in fine-needle aspiration biopsies usually does not suffice. However, the amount of tissue collected in vacuum assisted biopsies and punch biopsies most commonly does. Tissue gathered from malignant pleural effusions and ascites (from the peritoneal cavity) is very well suited to the test. Vital tissue subjected to the CryoLife procedure is also a possibility, while conventionally cryopreserved tissue is not. The same unfortunately applies to formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue blocks. If the test requirements for the ATP-TCA cannot be met, we recommend our OmniThera Expression Profiler test for gene signature analysis.

In special cases, in which no fresh tumor tissue can be provided, we can also carry out the test by drawing on circulating tumor cells gathered from peripheral blood.

We are happy to consult with you as to which test will provide you with the best result.

Testable substances Chemosensitivity test ( selection)

Bendamustine, Bleomycin, Carboplatin, Cisplatin, Cyclophosphamide, Dacarbazine, Doxorubicin, Epirubicin, Eribulin, Etoposide, Everolism, Fluorouracil, Gemcitabine, Ifosfamide, Irinotecan, Mitomycin-C, Mitoxantrone, Navelbine/Vinorelbine, Oxaliplatin, Taxol, Taxotere, Topotecan, Treosulfan, Vinblastine

Testable substances Biologics sensitivity test ( selection)

2-deoxyglucose, alpha lipoic acid, amygdalin, apigenin, artesunate, boswellia, cannabidiol, curcumin, dichloroacetate, digitoxin, EGCG, hypericin, iscador, Q10, quercetin, resveratrol, rose bengal, shogaol, silibinin, taurolidine, vitamin C

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