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OmniThera Expression Profiler for Personalized Tumor Therapy

By panther test the activity of more than 20.000 human genes  is analyzed

OmniThera Expression Profiler / former PANTHER Assay (PAN-genomic THERapy-focussed gene expression analysis) is a high–tech test that allows measuring the activity of more than 20.000 human genes simultaneously (transcriptome) complemented by quantitative PCR and immunohistochemistry of genes playing key roles in important signaling pathways.

It offers a universally (not dependent on the type of tumor) applicable analytical platform for a multitude of clinically highly relevant gene-activity based analyses of the tumor biology.

The combination of universality and relatively low costs per gene provides oncologists with a wealth of valuable information not only for current therapeutic decisions, but also possibly for future innovative targeted therapies.

Importantly, the OmniThera Expression Profiler Report informs about the immune status of the tumor tissue including the responsiveness to checkpoint inhibitors, the sensitivity to various chemotherapeutic therapies as well as to natural compounds. In addition, the assay is the cornerstone for the selection of individual cancer vaccine peptides on the transcriptome level.

The treating physician (or the patient, respectively) receives a comprehensive molecular biological report with a critical evaluation and recommendation for treatment.


Test Requirements

Fresh or cryopreserved tumor tissues are ideal for the high-resolution OmniThera Expression Profiler technology. Tumor cells from fresh pleural effusions or ascitic fluid are also well suited to the procedure. Another option rests in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue. Minuscule tissue samples (for instance, a few of slices from a punch biopsy or tissue collected by fine-needle aspiration biopsies) suffice. Detailed information can be found in our Specimen Collection and Transport Kits.


Duration of Testing

7 business days.



In Germany, the lead time for transporting cryopreserved tissue or tissue from pleural effusions and ascitic fluid is 24 hours before a planned procedure. We will contact the respective pathological institute to arrange for the FFPE tissue blocks. A single call will do, just ring us at 0211 90 98 96 90 (landline). We will take care of the entire logistic process for you.

We are glad to consult you in finding the right treatment!